It is my belief that when a student walks into my classroom, they are going to be given every possible chance to find success.  This means various things for each individual student.  Not all students learn the same nor are at they at the same levels.  For this reason, I try to use a variety of methods to teach the students.  This also means that I have different levels of expectations for individual students.  However, one thing that is the same is that my expectation for each student is one that is going to challenge their current skill level and increase that level as the year progresses.

In order for students to find success, there are a variety of factors that come into play but there are 2 that I put a lot of importance in.  First is the behaviour of the student.  Every student knows, from the beginning of the year discussions, what my expectation is around behaviour.  I am not expecting the "perfect" classroom but I am expecting one of RESPECT AND RESPONSIBILITY.  The respect part is things like listening to the teacher and other students, being quiet in the room, allowing people to have personal space and understanding that others are part of the room too.  The responsibility part is things like working in class, asking questions, doing homework, completing assignments and allowing others to do the same.  The second factor is the communication between home and school.  I would like to ensure that there is an open line of communication between myself and parents.  This is not always easy to accomplish but if both sides are willing then it is one more thing that is going to help find students' success.  IT IS NOT JUST THE REPONSIBILITY OF THE SCHOOL TO EDUCATE A CHILD, NOR IS IT JUST THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE PARENT NOR IS IT JUST THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT.  IT IS ALL THREE WORKING TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you know, there are 2 grade levels in the room this year.  This creates another challenge in providing appropriate learning opportunities for the students so I have designed a plan of action for how I am going to approach each subject.  I have included my thoughts/approach for each subject below.


This year, I will be teaching the grade 7&8's as a combined classroom.  Therefore, there will be 2 different curriculums on the go at the same time.  Students will need to work on their own at times, while I teach other grades.  Whenever possible, I will try to combine the skills from the 2 grades so the discussion is on the same topic.  However, each grade will have different outcomes and skills to learn for that topic.

Social Studies

In this course, I will teaching the class, for the most part, as one class.  The assignments, projects and skills will be done together as one group. This year I am teaching the grade 8 curriculum, which is World History.  There are 5 main "Clusters" or sections:
1 - Understanding Societies of the Past and Present, 2 - Early Societies of Mesopotamia, Egypt, or the Indus Valley, 3 - Ancient Societies of Greece and Rome, 4 - Transition to Modern World, and 5 - Shaping the Modern World


In this course, all the students will be focussing on the grade 6 curriculum for the year.  The grade 6 curriculum has 4 main "Clusters" or sections:
1 -  Diversity of Living Things, 2 - Flight, 3 - Electricity and 4 - Exploring our Solar System .   This course is on a 3 year cycle so that is why we are taking this course without the grade being in the classroom.  By the end of the 3 year cycle, the students will have received the 3 various curriculums necessary in middle years.

Phys. Ed./Health

The biggest focus of my phys. ed. program is participation and fun.  I strongly believe that any student should be able to come to the gym, have fun and find success.  Every student has their own ability level and if that student works hard at that level each class and challenges him/herself to do better, I don't ask for much more.  In the class, there will be a variety of games played throughout the year but we will also be learning the skills associated with various sports - volleyball, curling, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc.  

Health is 25% of the curriculum and will be given that allotment in my class.  Not always will the Health classes be in the classroom type of class. There are a lot of things that we do in the gym that are associated with learning healthy living and being active at the same time.  However, some of the Health classes will be classroom based.  This year, there will be some sensitive issues discussed with the class.  You will be receiving more information and a permission slip for this later in the year, before I start the unit.

I hope this page has been helpful in understanding me and my approach to the education of the students in my classroom.  If this has raised any questions, my door is always open and I would welcome a meeting - formal or informal - to discuss those questions with you.  If you wish to look into the Outcomes for each subject further, you can go to Manitoba Education website and click on the "curriculum" link.