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Note to Parents (2017-2018)
Welcome back to another school year. This year I have the fortune of teaching grade 7 & 8 in Math, Social Studies, Science, and Phys. Ed. Some of the students have already had 1 year experience with me as their teacher, while for others this is their first year. The same goes for you as parents. Therefore, I have provided a brief explanation of how I am going to approach the year, my philosophy and my expectations for the students throughout the year. If this raises any questions, please give me a call so we can have a more face-to-dace conversation.
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Unfinished Work Process
Throughout the year, there will be many assignments - in classroom and homework - that the students will be expected to complete and hand in. If, for some reason, that work is not handed in, students will be expected to make up those assignments during their "break" times throughout the day. I do not believe in allowing students to NOT complete these assignments so it is mandatory if it gets to that stage. Students must also complete the assignment appropriately or to the best of their ability or it will need to be redone. This is so they don't put anything down just so they can hand in a piece of paper saying they've done the assignment.

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