Some Ways to Know what is Happening at School
If you are interested in joining the Parent Advisory Council Contact
Mrs. Tammy McCulloch
Today is: Friday,19 October,2018 09:30:24 AM

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 To Receive Updates from Major Pratt School
Follow these Links and use the codes to Sign Up for Text or E-mail Updates:

Choose What Kind of Information
You Want To Be Sent
Then Text the Code to This Number:

From Mr. Cole About Highschool or School Wide Activities

From Mr. Cole for Highschool or School Wide Activities

Kindergarten to Grade 4
From Mrs. Rice

Grade 5-8 Information
Mrs. Rice did this in the past but since she will no longer be working in Middle Years it will be done by Mr.Cole as of Fall 2016.

Contact Mrs. VonZuben about Band or Music information at:

You can know about their assignments and grades all semester as they are happening,
instead of feeling out of the loop while waiting for report cards to come home.

Grade 9 to 12 Student Marks, Assignments, Due Dates & Attendance
are Available Online to Parents Every Day of the Year
Your Child Should Have Brought a Letter Home About this Program

There is more information available at:

If your child is in grade 9-12 and you did not receive information from them
about this program you can contact the school for a code to get yourself signed up.  
Major Pratt School Phone # is: 204-842-2812

On Days When No Busses Are Running
Bus Students are marked as No Bus on Attendance
All Town students who will not be at school are asked to have a guardian
phone the school at 204-842-2812 so we know they are home safe.  

School Division School Year Calendars

Remember to Dress for the Weather as
we go outside 4 times a day.
From morning arrival until 8:45am
Morning recess from 10:15 - 10:30
Lunch Recess from 12:05 - 12:25
K-4 Afternoon Recess from 1:45 - 2:00

Major Pratt School Indoor Recess Guidelines
We may stay indoors for recess if:
There is a temperature of -25 or colder
There is a wind chill at or exceeding -30
Conditions Can be Checked at:

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