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In Grade 2 Social Studies there are 3 main topics or clusters.

General Description
Cluster 1:
Our Local Community

They locate their local communities on a map and
explore the influence of the natural environment,
important people and leaders, and cultural groups in
their communities. Through stories of their local
community, past and present, students become
aware of their identity and heritage. They also
consider their personal contributions to leadership
and peaceful conflict resolution.

Cluster 2:
Communities in Canada

Students enhance their awareness of the cultural
and geographic diversity of Canada through the
study of one Aboriginal community and one other
Canadian community. They explore natural and
constructed features of communities and examine
concepts related to natural resources, work, goods,
and services, and how these factors shape life in
communities. They also discover how communities
have changed over time.

Cluster 3:
The Canadian Community

Students explore different aspects of Canada,
including national symbols, the origins of place
names, and the presence and influence of diverse
languages and cultural communities. They examine
the diverse yet similar aspects of the Canadian
community and how people in communities meet
their needs. They also locate Canada on a map and
consider connections that link Canada to other

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