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Star of the Week

During the school year our class takes part in “Star of the Week” activities.  A booklet is given to the student to fill out at home the Thursday before they are to be the Star Student.  The Star activities take place within our classroom.  Each student will have a chance to be the Star of the Week.  Students who have been Star of the Week are invited to attend a teacher luncheon with Mrs. Rice on the last Friday of that month – at no cost to the students.

During their star week the student:
Monday: All About Me Picture Display
Bring photos from home to display in class.  These pictures may be in printed form, sent to school on a cd/memory stick or e-mailed to 
The display is all about the student and will remain up for the whole week.  The student will have 15 minutes on Monday morning to tell the class about their pictures and explain who is in them and what is happening in each picture.  This will help us get to know our classmates a little better.  There is star sheet in the Star of the Week Outline Booklet to be filled in and decorated.  This can be used as is or as a model for the Bulletin Board Centerpiece.
Tuesday: All About Me…
Students are to Fill in the All About Me… sheet ahead of time and then share their answers with the class.  The class will have a chance to ask questions.  Students are encouraged to practice at home first.  

Wednesday: My Favorite Things
Students bring a list of their favorite things to tell us about.  They will have about 10 minutes to tell us about their favorite things and answer questions.  A sheet of ideas for favorite things is attached.  Students are encouraged to fill them in and practice at home before presenting them to the class.  Telling about a favorite vacation, hobby or sport usually helps the speaker relax and makes for a more interesting discussion.

Thursday: My Favorite Book or Story
Students bring their favorite book to show the class.  They can read a 5 minute section out of it to the class or may choose to have a section read by the teacher.  Sections should be chosen ahead of time and practiced at home.  The book may be either a favorite from when they were little or a current favorite.  The students will be asked to tell us why they chose this as their favorite story or book.   Give a Star of the Week booklet to our next Star Student.

Friday: My Favorite Song
The students bring their favorite song for the class to listen to.  This song must be school appropriate, please listen carefully to the lyrics of your child’s favorite song with them the night before they present it to the class. If the music video for the song is previewed at home & is school appropriate  please email the link to so we can watch it.  While watching the video or playing the favorite song classmates will print a comment about why the Star Student is special.  At the end of the final day of Star of the Week the student will be given a sheet with messages from their classmates on it.  A copy of this is to be taken home and a copy will be added to the student’s portfolio.  Hand in this outline to Mrs. Rice.

The students seem to really enjoy this activity and I hope that you will help them prepare for their week of being the star.  I will send this letter again before each child’s turn as star.  They will have their week as star marked in their planners as a reminder.  If you have any questions feel free to phone me at the school (204-842-2812)