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Good Nutrition Helps Students Learn
Did you know…?
  • Healthy eating helps children grow, develop, and do well in school.
  • Healthy eating helps prevent child and adolescent health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and dental cavities.
Rossburn Collegiate is proud to be developing a school nutrition policy that promotes healthy eating. September 2008 started with new canteen items that follow Manitoba’s healthy school guidelines as much as possible.
  • A healthy diet helps children be more settled, attentive, and ready to learn.
  • Poor nutrition is associated with poorer learning in language arts, math, and general knowledge.
Rossburn Collegiate has remade their hot lunches this year to include old favorites that follow the guidelines, and new ones that students are enjoying.  Hot lunch offerings include chicken burgers, chicken and taco wraps and salads, soups, potato wedges, pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, among other items.  Items include whole grains and fruits and vegetables as much as possible.   
  • Soft drink consumption increases dramatically in boys between grades 6 and 10.
  • 50% of boys and girls report not drinking enough milk.
  • Only one-half of boys and two-thirds of girls report eating fruit five days a week or more.
We also are offering snack foods and drinks that follow the healthy schools guidelines, including baked chips, granola bars, granola snacks, raisins and dried fruit snacks, pretzels, popcorn, fruit cups, milk, water, and juice.  
  • Eating breakfast, at home or school, improves children’s memory, concentration levels, problem-solving abilities, and creative thinking.
  • Older students, especially girls, tend to skip breakfast more often.
Have you ever slept in and woke up just in time to jump on the bus, without grabbing breakfast? Studies show that children who eat breakfast are more likely to meet their overall daily nutritional requirements.  Rossburn Collegiate is excited to provide a free breakfast program for any students who could use some extra nutrition before hitting the books. Comes with free smiles!

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