School Plan 2017-18

                Outcome                                 Strategies                                                      Indicators                                               Data

By the end of 2017-2018, all students will show increased levels in their writing skills across all subject areas.

Grammar and stamina will be intentionally taught in all ELA classrooms

Teachers will begin the year focusing on the basic writing structures as a foundation of good writing

Teachers will use the 6 Traits of Writing as a resource for their lessons

Teachers will used exemplars from Scholastic in their lessons

Writing will be a consistent conversation in staff meetings
Teacher lesson plans reflect specific teaching of grammar and stamina

Student writing becomes more sophisticated and appropriate for their individual level

The 6 Traits is found in lesson plans throughout the year.

Exemplars are used during lessons and in staff discussions.

Staff have discussions and make plans about how to move writing forward.s
Lesson plans that have grammar and stamina sections in them

Student writing samples and classroom observations

Lesson plans with 6 Traits activities in them.

Exemplars in classrooms

Staff meeting agendas and minutes showing these discussions have taken place
By the end of 2017-2018, all students will show increased levels in their problem solving abilities in math class.

School will purchase Dreambox for the students to use during class centers

The school will develop a problem solving process that will be used in all classrooms.

Oral math talk will be a focus in math classrooms throughout the year

Students will create problems as well as solve problems in math class

Open-ended problems will become part of every math class

Curriculum support staff will be used as a resource for teachers as needed.
Dreambox is purchased and made available to all students to work on in the classroom

The problem solving process is developed, posted and used in every math classroom.

Students and staff are using common language in terms of problem solving strategies.

Students are able to verbalize their strategies and problem solving techniques.

Students are using the problem solving strategies and process more independently.

Dreambox results and tracking records

Math assessments at  the end of the year

Classroom observations of oral and written student work

Lesson plans incorporate the process, oral math talk and problem solving opportunities.
Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, behaviour and attitudes of students will portray a positive school climate using respect, responsibility and positive values while making connections within the community

Staff will review the school behaviour matrix with all students for all areas of the school to remind of expectations.

Character Education classes on Fridays will be used to teach any behaviours and attitudes deemed necessary.

Students will use role playing as a way to model appropriate responses to various situations.

The Kindergarten to grade 2 group will be giving a specific focus and Mrs, Lelond will use some of her resource time with them.

Students will show fewer concerning behaviours

Students can explain the expectations in various parts of the school

The leadership group (grade 7 & 8) participate in modelling appropriate behaviours for the younger students.  

Staff are making fewer parental connections with regards to poor behaviour

Behaviour slips will show decreased concerning behaviours.

Staff observations in the classroom and on the playground.

Staff documentation of classroom and playground incidences will be decreased.