Note:  For all of the following circumstances below, if re-entry into the school is not possible, arrangements have been made with the Miniota Community Center to use their facilities (Community Hall/Arena) as a “safe house” until proper arrangements can be made for the students.
When the school fire alarm sounds the following procedures will be followed:

        If the alarm is not a planned fire drill, Trevor Lewis (or designate) will phone the
              Miniota Fire Department immediately.

All students and staff will evacuate the building immediately.  Do not prepare
             by putting on outdoor clothing.  Students should be wearing shoes already.

The teacher or staff supervisor will take the classroom register or other form
     of class list for roll call purposes.

The teacher or staff supervisor will be the last person to leave the room and will close the door and windows to the room in which he/she just left.  Teachers or staff members are also asked to check any rooms with an open door as they are exiting the building. Close the doors to these rooms as well.  

Trevor Lewis (or designate) will check boy’s washroom and Tynelle Barkley
    (or designate) will check girl’s washroom before exiting the building.

Students will line up quietly at the designated area (south of the school).  Roll call
     will be taken by each homeroom teacher.  The teacher will report any
     absentees to the principal (or designate) immediately.  If a student is missing,
     the principal (or designate) will inform the fire department, upon their arrival,
      of the last known whereabouts of the student

If alarm sounds during recess, noon hours or any other non-teaching time, the staff
     and students will exit the building by nearest exit immediately.  Staff do room
     checks as assigned.  All students, whether inside or outside of the building at
     the time of the alarm, will quickly and quietly meet at the designated area for
     roll call.

See attached floor plan of the school for appropriate primary and secondary exits
     for each room.

*** All homeroom teachers will go over fire drill procedures with the students  
      at the beginning of the year.  They will make sure to include all rooms in
     the school at that time so that all students in the school understand what
     they are to do and where they are to go at any time of day, whatever room
     they may find themselves in.  Fire drills will be planned and practiced at  
      least 10 times a year (once a month weather permitting).

Students and staff will remain indoors during severe weather conditions.

Weather information will be monitored by radio.

As a result of severe weather/tornado warning, all students and staff will assemble into the hallways of the main building  (around washrooms).

Classroom teachers will supervise students and ensure they remain in designated areas.

Custodian, or designate, will shut off electricity and gas if necessary.

Students will remain in school (beyond school hours if necessary) until severe weather warning has ended.

In the event of a tornado, people should get on their knees with their head to the wall and arms over their head.  Keep away from glass.  Do not go into the gymnasium.

Do not use the fire alarm for tornadoes as this sends people outside!

TRAGIC EVENT (post incident trauma)

Confirm details of events.  Advise all staff as soon as possible (using the phone
     tree as per crisis support plan)

Contact family to determine wishes of family.  Offer assistance to family.

Compose a written statement which is accurate and determine how the statement
      should be used.  When students must be informed of a tragic event, it will be
      done in classroom groups, not by mass assembly.  Students will have an
      opportunity to talk and discuss.

Arrange counseling for staff and students.  Relieve teachers affected using
     substitute teachers known to students.  Counsel staff to be observant and refer
     students who need counseling.

Arrange possible commemorative actions.  (Lower flag, funeral arrangements,
     memorial service, memorial fund, flowers, sympathy cards, etc.)

Monitor student and staff reaction to the event.

*** If Division Crisis Team becomes involved, let them handle the situation.                 Provide any support or help they need, as you are able.

If a bomb threat is received at the school, the following procedures will be followed:

        Person receiving the threat will note exactly how the threat was worded.  Ask
     questions – what, where, why, time to go off, etc.  See appendix 1.

Immediately after the call, hang up the phone and wait for the dial tone.

Enter *57 (to trace the call).  An announcement will inform you that you have
     activated call trace.  Press 1 to proceed.  Another announcement will inform
     you that the trace has been successful.

Immediately inform the principal (or designate) of the threat.  He/She will then
     verbally inform all staff members of the threat and the intention of evacuating
    the school.

Each staff member will take their students outside (Do not open lockers or any     
     other unnecessary door).  Once outside, each teacher will do a quick role call
     to make sure all students are present then proceed to the safe house. If any
     students are missing, immediately inform the principal (or designated).  The  
     principal and other staff members will search the building as safety allows.
    Any staff members not currently responsible for students, will join the closest

Phone the RCMP.   (204-759-2390)

Phone Park West School Division (204-842-2100)

Students and staff will remain in safe house until notified by the principal.


If a violent person or person carrying a weapon enters the school or school yard, the following procedures will be followed:

Remain calm in an effort to minimize the degree of excitement and reduce the risks of danger.

If the threat comes while students are outside, the staff person on duty will call on
the 2-way radio to inform the staff inside the building.  The recess bell will     
then be ran manually to get the students into the building and also in an effort
to make it look like a regular end to the recess.

Principal should be informed of the presence of such a person immediately.

RCMP and Park West School Division will be called immediately.

Principal will assess the situation.  If it is determined that the school go into “lock
     down”, all students and staff will be given instructions to go into the
     classrooms until given further notice.  While in the classrooms, students and
     staff will position themselves away from windows and out of direct sight.  

Staff will close blinds of windows to reduce vision into the rooms and lock the
     doors into the room (if safety allows).

Principal will attempt to control the threatening situation until RCMP arrive.


If there is a Hazardous Materials spill/situation in the community during school hours, procedures will be put in place to ensure the safety of the students and staff until such
time as it is safe to resume regular activities.  These procedures follow the recommendations of the Miniota Fire Department and the Midwest Emergency District procedures.

An accident may cause a hazardous material to enter the air.  Unless the hazardous material is flammable, emergency response professionals recommend that you stay indoors
until you receive instructions to leave.  If this occurs, the school will be notified by the RCMP or Miniota Fire Department and the following procedures will take place:

  • Close all outside doors and every door in the building
  • Close all windows
  • Seal cracks around windows and doors with tape or other material
  • Close (do not use) all kitchen or bathroom vents
  • Set thermostats so air conditioners, furnaces, and hot water heaters will not come on.
  • Close all dampers and outside ducts
  • Do not operate clothes dryer
  • Shelter in the gymnasium away from windows and doors
  • Do not leave the building until told to do so by a member of the RCMP, RM Official or Miniota Fire Department.  This is a lock-down situation and therefore nobody will be allowed in or out of the building until appropriate officials have indicated it is safe to do so.
  • Use a battery operated radio to listen for updates or information
  • Do not use the telephone so as not to tie up the lines
In the event an Evacuation needs to occur, the school will be notified by the RCMP or Miniota Fire Department who will then direct the proper evacuation of all students and staff according to the
procedures they have in place for such a situation.

Once permission is given to use the telephone, all parents/guardians will be contacted by school personnel, at which time they will be notified as to what will take place in terms of the students and school.