What is "Bucketfilling"?

Bucketfilling is a Character Education Program made for kids.  It is based on the book "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud

How does it work?

It is based on the idea that everyone has an invisible bucket that carries around all the good thoughts and good feelings about yourself.

When your bucket is full, you are happy but when your bucket is low or empty, you are sad and lonely.  

Our daily interactions with people (what we say and what we do) helps determine whether our buckets are full or not.

If we do kind/caring things to people (or people do this to us), we are helping to fill their buckets because it makes them feel good.  That is being a Bucket Filler!!

However, if we do things that are mean/not kind (or people do this to us), we are dipping into their bucket because it makes them feel bad.  That is being a Bucket Dipper!!

When you are a Bucket Filler, it not only helps keep others' buckets filled but it also fills our own bucket because it feels good to be nice to someone.  Unfortunately, the reverse is true for Bucket Dipping.  You can never fill your bucket by taking from someone else's.  Being mean is not good for anyone!!  

Finally, if someone is trying to dip into your bucket, you can "put a lid on it" so you keep your bucket full and stay happy.

What is the Purpose of Doing This in Miniota School?  

Our hope is that all of our students, and anyone entering our school, will be Bucketfillers?

Our hope is that this will also carry out into our community.

Our hope is that people will think about what they say or do to others and how that makes them feel.

Our hope is that the students learn to "put a lid on their bucket" and not allow others to dip into it.  

How Can You Help?  

It is simple, when you enter the school or interact with anyone throughout the day, ask yourself this.  "What simple thing can I do to help fill someone's bucket today?"

Bucketfilling Ideas

Say "Good morning" or "Hi" as you meet someone.
Compliment someone on their appearance.
Say "I Love You" to a family member.
Tell someone they did a good job.
Do a good deed.
Do something for someone without being asked.