"The more your child has clear, consistent boundaries and high expectations, the more likely he or she is to grow up healthy."

BOUNDARIES are important to our children because they give clear messages about what your EXPECTATIONS are.  Here are some examples of how to set boundaries and raise expectations in youth:
·       Redirect young children from inappropriate behaviours to appropriate ones
·       Enforce the boundaries consistently
·       Make the boundaries simple and clear
·       Model the behaviour you seek
·       Explain reasons for setting the boundaries you did
·       Allow older children to take part in setting their own boundaries
·       Make the consequences relevant to the boundary
·       Allow more freedom as child shows more responsibility
·       Try to agree with neighbours about community boundaries
·       Discuss what good friends look, sound and act like
·       Compliment your child when they do something well
·       Challenge your child but don’t push too hard
·       Be positive

Boundaries & Expectations Quotations:

“The word no carries a lot more meaning when spoken by a parent who also knows how to say yes.”  —  Joyce Maynard

“The external structure parents provide for their children . . . helps children develop their own internal structure of self-discipline for taking care of themselves and other people.”—Jean Illsley Clarke and Connie Dawson

“Without heroes, we are all plain people and don’t know how far we can go.”—Bernard Malamud

“When there are friends, there is wealth.”—Southwestern Spanish proverb

“High expectations are the key to everything.” —Sam Walton